White Pillar of Light

White Pillar of Light
Piercing my soul
Engulfing by being
Showering my body with
Healing Energy

Pulsating Pain
Driving into my crippled leg
Visions of red liquid
Before my eyes
Rhythmically appearing in
Harmony with the stabbing
Healing by body
Driving the malady from my leg.

Fiery flames
Burning my face
Like a severe sunburn
Spirit guides
Removing disease
Energizing the bodyís
Owning healing powers.

Floating in space
Out of Body
Spirit healers
Protecting by being
While body is healed
Warm vibrations
Through my body
Emanating through healerís hands.

Unknown to me
Existence felt
Through sensory nerves.

Subliminal state
Foggy haze
Turning to natural energy
Walking straight
No limp, no pain
Feeling fine
As never before.

Thank you, Creator
For Christ Mind in healer.

--John Lounsbury, October 28, 1985