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I have witnessed two powerful healing experiences, after a photo healing and a phone healing with Gene. The first one was a photo healing for my Thoroughbred horse, Jessi. Jessi had terrible arthritis and joint pain. She had been miserable and disheartened for a long time because of her severe physical pain. Recently, the horse shoer came to give Jessi new front shoes. Usually she would rear up, fidget, and have a pained look in her eyes during the shoeing. The horse shoer commented that Jessi was so relaxed she looked as if she would fall asleep, and he was very impressed with the horse's behavior. I did not think much of it because I have had her on multiple supplements for the 2 years I have owned her. So, I thought it was the supplements. Well, then I got Gene's letter saying the Photo Healing had taken place. I then knew it was, indeed, Jessi's healing with Gene that had caused her amazing behavior with the horse shoer. It was not the supplements. She had been on them for 2 years and never had results such as the ones described above.

I, also, had a phone session with Gene. I was frightened during the session, but tried to relax. Gene was so kind and understanding, I could have hugged him. Well, I did not feel anything during the healing. I just thought it may have been because I was scared and closed myself off to the healing energies. Well, a week later, I felt a burning in my neck for two straight days. I had been suffering with severe neck pain (for the past eight years) that had often incapacitated me. My acupuncturist had been working on this issue for a year and a half and had given up on solving the problem. After those two days of tingling in my neck, I now have virtually no pain. I feel great, and keep having to remind myself that I have been healed!!!!

Gene, I will continue to give out your name to people looking for a phenomenal healer for themselves and their pets! Thank You Gene, from Jessi and Margaret. We send our love and gratitude to you. You are a gift from God. God Bless You!!!

Sincerely, M & J


On Sept. 11, I went for a mammogram. They took 4 views. The doctor who examined my pictures could not find any of the changes in the breast tissue that had been there in the previous mammogram of August 21. He did not even think it necessary to do an ultra sound, as everything looked normal. I looked at the film myself, and saw the difference. As an explanation I was told that there must have been a fold in the tissue when they squeezed it together. They had not seen that before.

I know what happened, and want to thank you with all my heart for the healing you did for me. How fortunate you are to have such a wonderful gift. I feel quite healthy and do want to enjoy life for many more years. I hope you had a pleasant and successful healing trip to Germany. I gave my brother and my girl friend, who both live in Hamburg, the dates you were going to be there and I hope that they were able to see you for a healing. I am looking forward to seeing you again soon, when you come back to Encinitas.



God blessed me, Heather Kelley, with a miracle a year ago on November 4, 2002. I had an operation at St. Jamesí, and could not get over it during a period of five months. The Doctors put me in a convalescent hospital across the street. I was there at least a month, each day losing what I would just eat. I lost 30 pounds that year (2002). My daughter, Laura, asked my doctors why I couldnít eat. Dr. Hernandez said I was too weak for another operation. By this time I had already had two [operations].

So, Gene Egidio was in Santa Monica at his healing center, and I asked a friend to drive me over there. I begged Gene to please clear my obstructed intestine so I could eat. After the healing, the next morning I had two soft-boiled eggs and toast, and I have been eating ever since. I had scar tissue blocking my intestines.

Gene Egidio is truly a Holy Man from God. I am so thankful I have been blessed by this precious miracle.

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with me.

H. K.


To all who are interested: I went to see Gene Egidio, to see what he could do about a "messed up" esophagus and a right ear that was barely tracking. He stated that he wasnít certain about the ear, but could work on the esophagus. As I lay with my eyes closed, I felt something akin to fingers inside my throat, which were busy re-arranging the positions of whatever was there. There was no unpleasantness or pain. I could feel stirrings within my ear. My hearing was dramatically improved, but drifted away in about 3 weeks. The esophagus is healed, perfectly restored. I since returned [for another healing], and my back, which had been a problem for about 8 months, was immediately made perfect.

Muscles under my chin and down the front of my neck, toward my Adamís apple, had been spasmodic often. Also, they hung like a second chin. That was restored, and I look more normal— I felt the upward drawing. This has taken a large amount of weight off the area near my Adams apple. He, Gene, placed one hand on my heart and I wondered if he saw heart problems or what. I asked, and he asked what I was feeling. I replied, "a feeling of tears and perhaps great sweetness intermixed". He said that these were emotions which had not been allowed to express themselves. They needed removing. I told him I had been in a very hateful, mean, criticizing mood for some months. When he removed those old feelings, I felt a certain weight was removed so that I could breathe more deeply. Iím very grateful to Gene, and hope all of you reading these few words will avail yourselves of his truly Divine Healing!!

Much love from all of us,

Tess K.


The doctors diagnosed me with metatarsal degeneration. I had found it increasingly difficult to walk. It is a miracle for which I will be forever grateful; my feet are healed.



Miracles have been happening since I first saw you. I now can swim. Because of my lungs, the best I could do before was 2 laps, then I had to stop and catch my breath. Now I can do 10 laps without stopping to rest for a minute, and continue on. It is truly a miracle. I feel fantastic. Thank you, Gene.

David, Long Beach, CA


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