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The first time I saw Gene Egidio was on national TV. I was speechless and couldn't wait to contact his office in Encinitas, California and try to arrange for an interview. A few days later, accompanied by IPA member Derek Cowie, I drove the sixty minutes south of Los Angeles to a tiny building on Second Street.

As we waited for our few precious moments with Gene I prepared my Sony cassette recorder and cameras. The room was quiet and restful. We looked at the dozens of photos of people Gene had worked with over the years. People from all walks of life and every age group. What was Gene doing with them, or for them?

Part of Gene's story: When Gene was just short of his fifth birthday he was visiting the upstairs neighbor in his family's New Jersey flat. Gene loved to watch Tanino peel an apple without breaking the skin. On that particular day Tanino cut his finger, severely. Blood was gushing everywhere. Little Gene didn't know what to do, but his first instinct was to do what his mother had done when he had nicked his own finger. Gene rushed over to Tanino and grabbed his finger with all his might, hoping to stop the blood flow. He held onto the finger so hard that Tanino pleaded with him to let go. When little Gene did let go, not only had the bleeding ceased, but the wound had closed. There was indeed a mark as Gene recalls, but no open wound.

When news of this got to Gene's mother it disturbed her a great deal, remembering a similar incident which had occurred long before this one. When this other phenomenon happened, it disturbed his folks enough to have Gene placed, temporarily, in a medical facility. He was there far too long.

Later in life, Gene became a regular guy: he served in the military, and entered a potentially successful career as an electrician. However, a series of misfortunes brought heartaches to his personal life and a dim outlook for any future.

One day a neighbor stopped to see Gene; they had previously exchanged hellos but never got to know each other. She asked Gene for a favor. Would Gene simply place his hand upon her head? To satisfy the neighbor, he obliged. He didn't see Sarah again for a few weeks. When he did, she was a new person. What had caused this transformation?

A few days before visiting Gene, Sarah had been diagnosed with a large brain tumor. Her doctor told her there wasn't much hope, but that surgery was essential. It would take place the following Friday. On Wednesday night Sarah had a dream. She saw Gene placing his hand on her head and she experienced a sort of relief. The following day she approached Gene and made her request, but Sarah never said a word to her physician, nor anyone else for that matter, about it. In surgery, while she was under heavy anesthesia and her brain exposed, the doctors were baffled. The tumor they had viewed on her X-ray was gone!

This frightened the man from New Jersey. Why was this happening again after so many years? Did he have some kind of energy that caused these phenomena?

Since that time Gene has shared his gift with virtually thousands of people around the world. He was flown to Russia after the tragedy at Chernobyl. In a hall the size of an aircraft hanger, people who had been exposed to the radiation had been assembled. Gene walked slowly, asile after asile, placing his gentle hands on their heads, chests and limbs. He looked into the eyes of the victims, and his heart ached for them. The results? Gene helped and healed thousands with his gift— the energy.

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The day of my interview I excitedly recorded every word Gene said, only to find out later that my tape was almost inaudible. Somehow the recording had nearly been erased. I was so embarrassed I didn't get to write my story, and I was not able to share the message of Gene with readers around the world. Was it the energy?

Last Saturday I used a Sony Mini Disc recorder— I checked it three times before I departed for his clinic, a body repair shop in Encinitas, California. It was just fine. Five years had passed since I had last seen Gene. He hadn't changed much, still the broad smile, the hearty handshake. I apologized to him for the lost story, but shared another story with him, my story.

That first day at Gene's clinic in Encinatas had been more than an inspiration. I was suffering from a number of ailments, one of which was a pain in my two pinkies, caused from a form of arthritis. I never mentioned it to Gene but a couple of days after shaking hands with the man, my pain had vanished - completely. I had also been having a discomfort in another part of my body which I had endured for more than forty years. That pain was also gone! I wouldn't call it a miracle, I'd call it the results of a kind of therapy I cannot explain.

Of the thousands of people who have met with Gene, many had suffered from ailments their doctors called "incurable". Later, the same doctors were in awe at the change in these patients' conditions. The work, the healing, by Gene Egidio is as unexplainable as the weather. It seems he is in the right place at the right time, and he's turned out to be the Energizer Bunny of Encinitas. He hops from coast to coast and to many far off ports around the globe.

Gene shared other stories with me, like the time he was undergoing surgery, twice, as a matter of fact. Once for appendicitis, once for peritonitis. While under the knife he was declared clinically dead— both times. He really doesn't remember seeing a light or long tunnel.

Somehow Gene is able to send his energy over telephone lines, and even through photos. One such story involved a gentleman in need. Gene spoke with him for several minutes on the phone and a few days later the man called and said that his wife had also been having a problem, but both were now cured. Gene was perplexed; was this some kind of extended energy? Then the man explained that during the telephone call his wife had been listening on an extension phone!

Gene performs healings in many places, and I know by now you want to know how to set appointments with him. Gene does not have a fee for his services, however, it would be appropriate to give a donation of $75 for a hands-on treatment. Because of his tight schedule, it is appropriate to send a check in advance of the session. Gene doesn't like to be unable to schedule someone in need if his time has already been reserved. Sessions usually last between one hour and ninety minutes. At the beginning and end of the sessions Gene speaks with you individually.

The Santa Monica Center is located in a simple home at 701 Hill Street. There was a For Sale sign at the front last week— it was for a nearby dwelling. My first thought was to say, "Free Energy".

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