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Healing DVD — Open Eye Meditation

The same Energy that came from Gene's hands is sent
through his eyes, right over your TV set to you.

Thousands have experienced the Open Eye Meditation with Gene, at the Healing Centers and around the world. Now you can benefit from the Open Eye Meditation anytime you want to with this DVD.

Watching this video, you will experience the same Energy that came through Gene's hands, through his eyes. This is a very powerful experience that can be shared with your family and friends in your home. It is common for people to report healings in all areas not only physical, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual.

It is wonderful to use the Open Eye Meditation DVD after a hectic day at work. It definitely helps clear away the negativity. One woman who used the DVD wrote, "I had to have a tooth pulled. The dentist had predicted that I would be in pain and it would take a while for the clotting to start. After the ordeal I rushed home and turned on Gene's DVD. The bleeding stopped and the pain was gone. When the dentist called me that evening to see how I was doing, she was surprised I had recovered so quickly."

$22.00 plus shipping

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Healing Meditation CD

- Chakra Meditation
  Align your chakras
- Candle Relaxation
  How you can change your future
- Blackboard Meditation
  Center your thoughts
- Inner Mind Meditation
  Set up the cause for a positive effect
- Problems and Visions
  How to get answers to your problems
- Pathways to reach your Higher Self
  How you can connect with your Higher Self

All on one CD, $15.95 plus shipping

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Whose Hands Are These?
by Gene Egidio

$19.95 plus shipping
(plus CA tax)

$14.95 plus shipping
(plus CA tax)

Uplifting, informative, moving, WHOSE HANDS ARE THESE? will fill you with hope, help you understand the healing process, and inspire your own faith with this moving story of a remarkable, giving, and very special man.

He was one of the world's most renowned healers. His potent energy and generous compassion changed the lives of thousands the world over. In this book is revealed the incredible story of Gene Egidio's life— a riveting chronicle of one man whose touch could work such wonders, he often had to ask...

As a boy, it was clear that Gene had unusual gifts. He knew who would die soon, and he could tell who was on the phone before anyone answered it. Most of all, he could sense who was sick in the family and cure them by the laying on of hands.

Gene was doing what came naturally. His old-world parents, however, found his propensities frightening. "Powers passed down by Satan," agreed the parish priest as he performed an exorcism— without success. Young Gene was then sent to a mental institution for a year-long regimen of electric shock treatments. The pain and anguish he felt quickly taught him to hide his God-given qualities; in fact, he bore no memory of them.

WHOSE HANDS ARE THESE? tells of how a chance incident reawakened the healing energy, and how an agonizing inner battle ensued— until Gene realized that he had been graced with the means to do good for mankind.

Amazing case histories document Gene's awesome ability to transform divine energy into practical miracles. He shared his blessed gift with the world, traveling far and wide to treat cancer and AIDS, trauma and tumors, even plants and animals.

Perhaps no other country was more affected by Egidio than Russia. In the Chernobyl area he ministered to numerous victims of the infamous nuclear accident. In Leningrad, he intuited that the souls of those who perished during the Nazi siege remained earthbound, due to excessive tragedy, and he freed them. Likewise, he later released millions of souls held captive at German concentration camp sites.

To order Gene's book WHOSE HANDS ARE THESE? Call (760) 737-2958 and use your credit card, or print out the order form and mail it to the address listed on the form.

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