Gene was asked to work on a coma patient by the head of surgery, Dr Laleriy Strokov.  All life support systems were disconnected as Gene released the healing energy.  The man was existing solely on the energy coming from Gene's hands.  The man's eyes began to blink as he continued breathing on his own.  Two weeks later, as Gene predicted, the man came out of the coma.

Dr. Valeriy Strokov - testing the healing energy
Flyer letting people know of Gene's visit


Gene giving healing energy to one of the doctors Interludes of love and caring with Moscovites who organized Gene's stay including Director of Medical Cooperatives and Clinics
The generosity of the Soviet people can be seen in many ways-one of which is the banquets they prepared for us.. Dinner with friend after a day of healing.
Annie and Inga enjoying a breakfast of hot dogs and peas.
Healing sessions in Moscow Gene and Marina Popovich 
Signing the "hands" after sessions

Gene and Marina Popovich, a renowned Soviet pilot.  She presented Gene with the Cosmonaut Medal honoring his extraordinary work with the cosmonauts.

Marina Popovich Marina and Gene
Michelle was always asked to sing at the dinners.