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Editor, Whole Life Times

At an early age Gene Egidio was aware of the aura. At about the age of ten, he had an out-of-body experience during surgery for a burst appendix. As the doctors worked on him, he floated above his body and heard them report, "We’ve lost him. He is dead." He felt himself pulled back into his body, and after an intensive recovery he resumed school and regular childhood activities, but with a sense of purpose for doing something, sometime, for lots of people. Because members of his staunch Catholic household disregarded his comments about auras, he learned it was better to keep those experiences to himself. His abilities seemed to have disappeared— until his life changed in 1981.

A dramatic series of events made it clear to Gene that the time had come for him to do something for somebody, and only by standing alone and vulnerable would he be directed to accomplish what he is now aware of as his life’s work. In one week his wife left him and his business partner left the country after robbing their company account and leaving no funds to continue the business. Gene then experienced a terrible automobile accident which demolished his car, but left him with only a few scratches.

His children, however, were a tremendous support and encouraged Gene to discover the world awaiting him, which he soon sought with new love and determination in his heart.

It is impossible to describe what Gene Egidio’s does— except in the results that occur. Those who have experienced the healings say they feel a warm, tingling glow when Egidio touches them on the neck and shoulders. What follows, some say, is a meditative state that brings visions and a sense of peace. The form of the healing is very simple. A person coming for an appointment is invited to sit in a comfortable chair or to lie on a bed or cot. Next, Egidio places his hand on the back of the person’s neck and in a few minutes they are out. The person may experience heaviness or lightness in their body, or extreme heat or cold and a tingling sensation all over. At the same time they may be totally aware of the external environment and hear everything around them but stay in this state for as long as three or more hours. Many people will drift off to sleep but upon awakening will express amazement at having been asleep, swearing they were awake the whole time.

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A large number of people who come to Gene for healing energy have been medically diagnosed as terminally ill. Some have come with one last hope after hearing that orthodox treatment has gone as far as it can to help them. Two illnesses in which this is often the case are cancer and AIDS. In several cases a positive change in energy, an increase in appetite, and relief from pain stand out in reports furnished by the AIDS patients themselves. This change of symptoms promotes a greater sense of well-being and more endurance to fight the illness. Some patients look at the possibility of wellness again and begin setting future goals.

Gene states, "Healing energy seems to have universal applications. It works on any illness or malady from the common headache to life-threatening disease." His attitude is, "People who accept the belief that they are going to get sick will be sick. I never give credence to anyone’s illness. I always see him/her as whole and healthy. Negative thoughts can bring poor health, positive thoughts bring good health. It is everyone’s choice to have good health."

In October, 1985, through the generosity of those Gene has helped and others inspired by his work, Gene was able to open his own center for healing.

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