DOZENS OF EXAMINER readers report astounding cures after contacting amazing healer Gene Egidio.

  They're among the hundreds who sought his healing help after learning about his incredible feats in our April 23 issue.

   Egidio, of Santa Monica, California, said he's averaged 30 calls and-visits a week from readers seeking treatment for everything from life-threatening cancer to insomnia and indigestion.

   One fortunate healing recipient is loyal EXAMINER reader Denna Felix, a former professional singer and dancer from Marina del Rey, California.

   Declared Denna: "Gene Egidio has literally changed my life... his healing ability is truly MIRACULOUS."

  It's a Miracle! Denna Felix can 
now raise her arm without pain.
  She explained: "Gene held his hands about a foot above my body and told me the precise locations of my injuries and infirmities."

  Denna said her chief complaint had been a torn deltoid muscle in her left arm, the result of an old auto accident.

   "For several years, I couldn't raise the arm without excruciating pain," she said. "But after my first session with Gene, I could move the limb freely and PAINLESSLY".

HEALER Gene Egidio

  Antonia Yagol, 71, called Egidio from her home in Jacksonville, Florida.

   "I'd been told I had inoperable liver cancer," she explained.

   Antonia said Egidio told her to lie down on her bed and place her left hand over her heart. Then he asked her to pray with him.

   She recalled: "Suddenly, I. felt a powerful jolt of energy shoot throughout my body. I passed out on my bed with the phone still in my hand.

   "I awakened about 12 hours later feeling like a totally NEW person."

   According to Antonia, her cancer has vanished, as well as the cataract that obscured her vision for many years.

  "Thanks to Gene, I can now SEE more clearly than ever before," she said.

   Anna Mercedes de Per Perez, of San Diego, California, said she went to see Egidio for a healing two days before undergoing surgery for a cancerous cyst on her left ovary.

   "When the surgeon opened me up, he was stunned. There was not a TRACE of cancer in my body! Even my laboratory blood work came back normal,"

   Anna said she returned to her doctor a month later and was given health."

   Robert Wright, a retired marine engineer from Fresno, California, has visited Egidio several times seeking relief for recurring back pain from a 1953 car accident.

   According to Robert, 69, his back had been broken in two places and over the years he'd developed osteoporosis of the spine. Despite frequent chiropractic adjustments, he said he'd gotten no lasting relief.

   Recalled Robert: "By the end of my third healing session with Gene, I was walking straighter than I have in years.

Robert W. Rides again

   "I've even gone back to riding a MOTORCYCLE! Three years ago, that would have been unthinkable.

   Gene Wilson, of San Francisco, California, said severe rheumatoid arthritis forced him to retire2 1/2 years ago.
   "It was in my shoulders, neck and back," Gene explained. "And it was so bad I could hardly walk, sit or even lie down.

   "Going to see Gene Egidio after reading about him in The EXAMINER was the smartest move I ever made!"

   Gushed Gene Wilson: "Because of this amazing healer, I can now swim, run and do just about ANYTHING a young 61- year-old would do."

GENE lays his healing hands on a sick child.

   DOCTORS, TV and film stars and scores of other Americans are praising the incredible healing powers of one-time electrician Gene Egidio.

   "His healing capacity is truly amazing," declares Dr. Pearl McBroom, a Los Angeles internist and cardiologist.

   "I have referred 12 of my cancer patients to him in me the past year with very satisfactory results.

   "His love and energy have greatly facilitated the successful healing of each of these patients, all of whom were on chemo therapy and radiation therapy.

   "We have not lost a single patient that Gene has seen.

   "I even used Gene myself to help me cope with the stresses of my work. I know he has helped me to achieve inner peace in my life."

   Former Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg agrees: "I consider Gene Egidio to be an extraordinary healer."

   And film actress the late Margaux Hemingway adds: "Gene is remarkable. He took away so much of my fear and inner turmoil."

   Egidio, claims he has successfully healed thousands of people, including those with supposedly incurable diseases.

   His reputation even stretches to the Soviet Union, where he was the recent recipient of a Cosmonaut's Medal.

Edigio counts among his most astounding successes:

- REGINA - who was diagnosed with a growth in her colon after a series of test. Before the scheduled date of her surgery, she heard about Egidio and felt compelled to consult him.

   After two healing treatments, Regina opted to postpone her surgery. Two weeks later, after having another examination, her doctor said he could no longer find any evidence of her tumor.

- CAROL - who was 5 years old when she got polio. By age 45, she had undergone 24 operations, which resulted in severing all the muscles in one of her legs. One leg was at least 3 to 4 inches shorter than the other.

   Hearing that Egidio had healed thousands with his hands, Carol attended one of his healing weekends. She walked in with her leg brace and crutches, took them off and told him her story.

   When Egidio put both of his hands on her ankles, Carol's shorter leg is said to have gradually lengthened and become as long as the other limb.

   In addition her scoliosis - curvature of the spine - started to heal. And her hip, which had been sucked in from the polio, began to realign itself.

   She went to her doctor and he said it was miraculous, because her muscles had been severed and he knew of no way that the healing could have occurred.

BORIS - whom the healer met on an overnight train ride in the Soviet Union in 1989.

   While nothing was visibly wrong, Egidio sensed that the .man had a problem on the left side of his face. Through an interpreter, the fellow explained that he had been hurt in the Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident, had suffered radiation poisoning and eventually developed cancer in the left side of his jaw.

Amazing gift
   Egidio observed a gaping hold inside the man's mouth, which Boris said caused him extreme pain. Although unaware of Egidio's amazing gift, he then allowed the healer to put his hands on his face.

   The next morning, everyone in the car was awakened by the man's shrieks.

   Through the interpreter, the man explained that he no longer felt any pain. And the hole in his mouth was getting smaller and smaller.

   Egidio admits that before 1980 even he didn't believe in healers. Then he received a phone call from a young woman afflicted with chronic herpes.

   He recalled: "This woman came by my home and described a dream she had had. Then she took one of my hands and placed it on her back as she said I had done it in her dream.

   "The next morning the woman called to say her herpes lesions had completely vanished.

   "It's really a gift I have," Egidio explained to the Examiner.

   "Basically, I use my healing energy the same way a martial arts master breaks bricks. It is simply a mastery of using energy for a particular purpose."


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