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Gene Egidio, International Healer, was praised by Elizabeth Kubler Ross, M.D. "Gene Egidio is a miracle that has to be experienced and shared, and I would love to share it with many people." "It" is the healing energy that flows through his hands. This energy has helped thousands all over the world. Gene's reputation stretches to the Soviet Union where Marina Popovich, a renowned Soviet pilot, presented Gene with the Cosmonaut Medal honoring his extraordinary work with the cosmonauts. Many remarkable healings occurred during his trips there.

On Gene's first trip to Russia, he and his staff took a night train to Leningrad. Suddenly the compartment door opened and a boisterous Soviet entered. Despite the smile the man wore on his face, Gene could feel that the left side of his face was in pain. When the interpreter relayed this, the man took a step back. Then he explained that he was in the Chernobyl accident, suffered radiation and then cancer. A hole in the left side of his jaw caused him excruciating pain. No one was able to ease it.

The interpreter explained that Gene was a healer and would be willing to work on him. The man agreed to a healing. After Gene transferred the healing energy, the man went into a subliminal state between sleep and wakefulness, a deep meditative state.

In the morning Gene woke up to the sound of crying by both the man and the interpreter. The interpreter relayed the Soviet's words to Gene. "I've been in pain for four and a half years. Now I don't have pain anymore. I feel like there is someone in my mouth sewing up the hole." With a tearful eye he said, "I've been a Communist for 40 years and today, this moment, I believe there is a God."

Gene was asked to work with the director of Skilosovsky, a medical institute in Moscow, and the head of surgery, Dr. Valeriy Strokov, on a coma patient. The patient had been in a coma for two months. All life support systems were disconnected as Gene released the healing energy. The man was existing solely on the energy coming from Gene's hands. The man's eyes began to blink as he continued breathing on his own. Two weeks later, as Gene predicted, the man came out of the coma. The Russian doctors would like to continue to combine traditional medicine with holistic healing on Gene's future visits.

Gene works with hundreds of children ranging in ages from 2 up to young adults. The children are fascinated with Gene's energy and are very receptive to it.

Gene Egidio at Children's Home, Leningrad
Children's Home, Leningrad

Valery Asikritov, director of a Children's House in Leningrad, school for the mentally disturbed, stated, "The children with whom Gene did healing, became more calm and more patient last year. We appreciate Gene coming here greatly. Now I realize that the problem with our country is regarding spirituality. I realize that spirituality helps the spirit (feeling) and attitude towards people. It's important to have spiritual motives increase. These contacts with Gene clarify something in us. Even from his first visit, the situation in our country changed greatly." Valery was a devout Communist when he first met Gene. Now he believes in God.

In May 1991, Gene saw 10,000 people in Moscow and Leningrad. Usually the halls were so full that people had to wait outside. Gene walked around the semi-circle of people about to receive healings to where a boy, age 3, sat on his mother's lap. Gene reached his hand out to the boy. The boy grabbed Gene's little finger and stood up. As they walked to the next person in the circle the boy walked along slowly, gripping Gene's finger tightly. A yell came from the boy's mother. She was speaking in Russian and crying uncontrollably. The interpreter exclaimed, "The boy has never walked before today!" The mother was overwhelmed with joy.

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Gene Egidio at Children's Home, Leningrad
Children's Home, Leningrad

Two men carried a shaking man to the healing area. When the healing energy reached the man, all shaking stopped. Gene suggested that this man come back for three days while he was in Moscow. By the third session the man could walk on his own with a cane without shaking. The change in him was incredible. He went from old to young in three sessions. The Soviets were overwhelmed with gratitude and presented Gene with jewelry, artwork and food. These scarce items are all they could offer due to the situation of their country. No money has been received for the healing work with the Russians. All the work was funded from donations given by clients he saw in the United States and Europe.

Gene was born in Yonkers, New York, to a strict Catholic family and was not encouraged to express his psychic abilities.

Years later, after marriage and four children, his career of 25 years as an electrical contractor came to an end due to a series of misfortunes: divorce, bankruptcy and foreclosure of his home.

One day a woman afflicted with herpes described a dream in which Gene healed her. The woman took Gene's hand and placed it on her neck as had happened in the dream. The next day Gene received a call from the woman - the herpes had vanished. After this inexplicable incident, he went into a deep meditative state that lasted three days. When he opened his eyes, Gene felt at one with all life.

This started his healing mission.  His first healing center was opened in San Diego, California. Today the institute is located in Santa Monica, California, where Gene sees clients when he is not traveling.

Gene explains the healing energy as a mastery of focusing energy for a particular purpose. The energy does not have limits or boundaries and continues to work as a body learns to heal itself. He has been successful with many diseases including the supposedly incurable ones.

The healing sessions usually last about one hour. The energy has been known to work on physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual levels. Gene does not have to be with the person all the time. He can help many at the same time and be aware of what is happening with each person.

Gene does healings over the telephone for those who live at a distance. After Gene makes contact with someone over the phone, he will talk briefly and then send the healing energy. After the call each client is requested to spend at least one hour calm and comfortable while Gene continues to send the healing energy.

The results from phone healings are as exciting as those from seeing Gene in person. One woman called Gene the day before her cancer surgery, received a phone healing and went in for the surgery. The surgery took place and the doctors removed cysts, but could not find the cancer in any part of her body.The woman was reported to be walking around the hospital in two days feeling fine.

Many of the clients Gene sees are doctor referred. Dr. Pearl McBroom, an internist and cardiologist, has referred numerous cancer patients to Gene. These patients were on chemotherapy or radiation. Dr. McBroom states, "Gene's love and energetic field have assisted in empowering and saving every patient referred, even the cancer ridden. We have had no losses. His healing capacity is truly amazing."

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