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The Beginning

by Elsie C.

Over twenty years ago, Gene Egidio found himself losing everything, or so he thought. All of his material possessions were gone, his electrical contracting business and his home. He was in the process of getting a divorce and he had to file bankruptcy. He was very depressed. Then, one day he received a call from a friend who said that he had healed her in a dream. Gene couldn't believe what she was saying, "What do you mean I healed you?"   She told him that in her dream he had healed her. Then she asked if she could come over. He said that it was ok and asked her what it was that she had. When she said that it was herpes, Gene was immediately sure that was the next thing he was going to get.

Later when she arrived, she was indeed covered with herpes blisters. Gene invited her in while trying to keep his distance from her. When they went into the kitchen, she started crying. Gene asked her what was the matter. She said that this was exactly like in her dream. She asked if they could sit at the kitchen table. He wanted to sit on the other side of the table, but found himself sitting next to her. She then said, "In my dream your hand was on my shoulder like this", and she put his hand on her shoulder by her neck. Gene tried several times to remove his hand, but each time he tried to move it he almost pulled her off the chair. His hand felt like it was glued to her shoulder. For about 20 minutes he sat there watching her sleep and at the same time hoping he wouldn't catch what she had. When her eyes opened, his hand finally fell off her shoulder. She said, "Thank you," and went home.

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The next day she called him, and told him that there was not a spot on her. Gene told her to go to her doctor, as if that would make any difference. Later that day, she stopped by to show Gene there wasn't a mark on her. After she left, Gene sat down in his favorite chair, watched his TV that didn't work (no electricity) and fell asleep. At that time he thought he was asleep, but today he knows he was in a meditative state for several days. When he awoke, he looked in the mirror to see who was sitting in the chair. He got up and looked out the window at the tree beside the house. He could feel the roots growing in the ground. He felt at one with everything. The next thing he knew, he picked up his car keys, went out to his car, unchained it from a tree (the bank wanted to repossess his car) and drove to his sister's to stay with her for a while.

In the months that followed Gene tried to get a job. He would submit a bid on an electrical job, bidding very low, but someone would always underbid him. He even tried to get a job at Mc Donald's but was turned down because he was over-qualified. As time went on, he began to date. One evening, his date said she had a headache. Without thinking of what he was doing, Gene put his hand on her head. She stared at him strangely and asked, "What did you do?"  Gene said, "What do you mean?"  She told him that she no longer had a headache. After that, word got around that Gene played this game with energy, and he was invited to many parties. People would approach him with pains and ask him for help. Then one day someone asked him if he could help his mother who had cancer. Gene did, and today she no longer has cancer.